Belvedere: /ˈbelvəˌdir/ noun; a structure (often on a rooftop or high level) designed to command a fine view.

As a friend-duo team, sometimes we work through telepathy and side glances, and sometimes through copious amounts of coffee and conversation, but always through a mutual fondness for flowers. We wear the hat of teachers by day and florists by night and weekends. Most days it still feels like a pipe-dream to work together as we design for our clients. Our love for florals seems to continuously grow as we find flowers to be microcosms of our own lives. Their fragility reminds us of our own impermanence and the importance of savoring each moment of growth. We know that their short seasons remind us how to live our own. Whether a baby shower or a memorial we hope our designs help create belvederes: spaces evocative of beauty to give you perspective on what matters most in life. We know that any event or occasion signifies a celebration of life and we are so honored and humbled to be a small part of that!


Emma BudzinskI - CO-Owner/lead designer


Zoë Hall - CO-Owner/ Coordinating Director



Getting to know us.

Q: What is something you would rate 10/10?

Zoe: A view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Emma: Morning Buns from Boulted Bread.

Q: What is one piece of entertainment you wish you could erase from your mind and experience it again for the first time?

Zoe: Probably reading Harry Potter.


Q: I think ____ is always worth it.

Zoe: Name brand peanut butter. 

Emma: Easy, a side of queso. 

Q: Why did you decide to become a florist?

Zoe: It started just as being a set of extra hands. I was stepping in where Emma needed me and I just fell in love with it. We both know we are much better together.  

Emma: I wanted a creative outlet, I think there's something pretty special about creating something that didn't exist in the world before you got your hands on it.